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Segond Fracture – FIFA Medical Platform.

Fracture of iliac wing without other pelvic fracture. Malgaigne Fracture. High-energy pelvic trauma. Anterior & posterior fractures → ‘floating' acetabulum. Knee. Segond. Segond Fracture. Internal rotation with varus stress. Avulsion fracture of lateral tibial plateau. Ankle. Maisonneuve, Pott's, Weber. Maisonneuve Fracture. External. This AP X-ray image shows a Segond fracture – an avulsion from the lateral tibial condyle. The injury is best appreciated on an AP view. Discussion When a Segond fracture is present one should be very suspicious of an anterior cruciate ligament injury or another significant knee injury. A capsular injury on either the medial or lateral side may exist in conjunction with a flake fracture near the joint surface, and this is referred to as the Segond or pseudo-Segond fracture. A juxta-articular Segond or pseudo-Segond fracture is indicative of a capsular injury. 8 On x-ray, this is known as the lateral capsular sign.

Pathology. With the same mechanism that would rupture an ACL twisting on a semiflexed knee, hyperextension The Segond fracture or lateral capsular sign is an avulsion fragment of the lateral tibial plateau, which corresponds to the distal insertion point of the lateral capsular ligament or lateral meniscotibial ligament. BASIC X-RAY Tuesday, August 4, 2009. SEGOND FRACTURE Segond Fracture. Avulsion of the lateral tibia at the attachment of the lateral capsule. Varus stress and internal rotation of the leg that occur when the knee is flexed place excess tension on the lateral capsule and associated ligaments.

The doctor will probably start with an x-ray. The x-ray will be taken from multiple views to get a look at the knee from all angles. A Segond fracture includes an avulsion fracture of the tibia, which the doctor will be looking for on the x-ray. If the doctor suspects that an. Image Above: X-ray shows fracture fragment blue arrow adjacent to lateral tibial plateau. ITB yellow arrow is intact and normal. MRI third image Bone marrow oedema blue arrow low signal fracture line seen immediately posterior to ITB insertion. Image Above: Segond Fracture normal ITB insertion.

Segond Fracture – Rare Presentation in A Teenager Patricia R, Mafalda B and Delfin T Hospital Dona Estefânia CHLO,. The x ray shows avulsion fracture of the external tibial. the association of Segond fracture and ACL tear in adult versus pediatric population. Segond Fracture - Is an avulsion fracture of the lateral aspect of the tibial plateau. - Recognized marker of ACL rupture on plain X-Ray - Is associated with ACL injury 75-100% of the time - If in doubt get it checked out. An X-Ray is cheaper and more readily available at times.

A Segond Fracture is a Significant Injury of the Knee.

Segond fracture is typically the result of abnormal varus, or "bowing", stress to the knee, combined with internal rotation of the tibia. Reverse Segond fracture, as its name suggests, is caused by abnormal valgus, or "knock-knee", stress and external rotation. La fractura de Segond es una fractura característica de la meseta tibial. Aparece debido a una rotación de la tibia que causa una rotura del ligamento cruzado anterior. Su mecanismo es el de un arrancamiento óseo también llamado avulsión tras el. 07/12/2015 · 22-year-old male with reverse Segond fracture. Left knee X-ray three months after injury shows reverse Segond fracture fragment unhealed yellow arrow. Discussion. The reverse Segond fracture has been shown to have an association with significant internal derangement of the knee, just like the Segond fracture.

The Everyday Physiotherapist - Segond Fracture

Clinical analysis of acute Segond fractures confirmed the frequent attachment of the ITT and AOB to the avulsed fragment. CONCLUSION: Anatomic and clinical findings suggest that fibers of the ITT and AOB are important factors in the pathogenesis of the Segond fracture. 16/08/2008 · The X-ray showed a so-called Segond’s fracture: a small avulsed bone fragment, elliptical in shape, lying immediately below the external tibial plateau, a few millimeters from the lateral tibial cortex. The fracture site was in the portion of the tibial condyle which is linked to the middle third of the lateral capsule by meniscal tibial fibers. The patient suffered a segond fracture. Further evaluation demonstrated a partial ACL tear. This is different to the arcuate sign, which is a fracture of the proximal tip of the fibula. Request PDF The Segond Fracture: Just an X-Ray Clue for a Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament? Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relation of the Segond fracture with the anterolateral ligament ALL of the knee. Find, read and cite all. 01/09/2015 · Although an accurate patient history and careful examination can lead us to a correct diagnosis of capsular ligamentous injuries of the knee, X- ray imaging should always be undertaken to identify significant avulsion fractures. Segond fracture should also be looked for since it often indicates possible ACL involvement total or partial rupture.

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